Dibia$e & his video game music..

Dibiase is like a new mad Flying Lotus who’s just waiting to break out finally. Chiptune music seems to be the new niche and has became some kind of movement in alternative dance music. Unfortunately, Dibiase isnt just chiptune. He’s apart of this new west coast sound that integrates cartoonish beats with heavy chopped samples and an abstract compilation of brilliant noise. “Machines hate me” is one of my favorite releases from him with the standout track “SkullCrack”, being a tiny bit frightening just by looking at the title is a unique take on dubstep with bass out of this world. Most of the EP  is filled with compelling 8bit sounds appearing just like they came right out of a nintendo.

Dibiase absolutely finds time later down the road to get his hands into other projects as well. He teams up with fellow emcee Decay of the chicago based group Molemen, on a project with bangin’ beats drawing influence from Dilla, & DJ premier. Music is forever changing and we must proceed with new ideas and this guys defintely hitting it on the head. Take a second out of your day and have a peek into Diabiase’s new world, and dont forget your space shuttle and headphones.