Only Real is King right now

This London based artist is making some of the coolest reverbed out, surf – punk. The actual sonic quality of his music has been steadily rising, without degrading the emotion and gritty-ness that encompasses Only Real. He just recently released ‘DAYS IN THE CITY’ EP and this is one of my favorites off of that EP. The whole thing is wonderful, of course.

It’s the sex pistols devil may care attitude, with the sunniness of Vampire Weekend, and the voice of a gangster out of a Guy Ritchie movie. Jackpot. He’s young, energetic, fresh and got a wild side. He’s everything you want from a London musician, plus he’s actually really fucking good. Genre blending is one of the most important thing a true artist can do, and oddly enough, said artists usually cite their blending as an accident. “We just do what we think sounds good”, is the general consensus. Only Real is no exception, combing surf, punk, rap, electronic, and pop into some bad ass tunes.