London Duo Fé’s dreamy songs will make you swoon

 is yet another Indie group coming out of London with a bang. Composed of members Ben and Leo, joined live by their friends Joss and Luca. That’s right, they’re on a first name basis with the whole world. Nice.  Psychedelic influenced rock n roll, with the musicality of a prog band. They released their major single Time a couple months ago and received great reviews from critics and lots of love from listeners, and to be completely honest, I like their brand new song She Came significantly more, so hopefully that will reflect the amount of love they get. This band definitely deserves to experience success in their music, especially considering they started by busking in trains for years before finally getting into the studio. They will be playing their first show ever headlining on november 9 of this year, and god damn I wish I could be there. Good luck to them though, and check out their brand new jam!!