October 08

iPhone bandit (get it? BANDit) Amil.Meels needs a record deal

This voice needs to be professionally recorded. Amil, AKA Amelia, has the voice of someone that’s been through it. It’s beautifully haunting, and hauntingly beautiful. When, and I intentionally say when as opposed to if, someone kidnaps her and makes her record in a quality studio, I’m quite sure she will deliver an extremely moving performance, and she will get signed. Amelia generally does cover songs, but on occassion writes and records her own songs– don’t forget this is all done on her iphone. 

One of her originals, untitled, is very Noah and the Whale-esque, as is most of her music, but this one has more of a sadness to it than most of her songs. Makes me wonder what happened to her that day, but the sad truth is that we, the listeners, benefit from the sadness of these poor artists. They trade their whole lives, and give of themselves that we may have 2 and a half minutes of escape from our own sadness. Amelia plays both the guitar and piano, although is noticeably more comfortable on the piano, and her voice will melt your heart. Thank god she has an iphone, not a Razr, so we can all get our little escape.