Theres “Something Cool” about Chicago.

“Something cool ,I’d like to order something cool”  is the sweet sample serenading your ears, asMartin $ky spits stringent  lyrics over a laid-back instrumental  produced by the crate diggin’ Fortified sounds. With  Chicago being named one of the nations violent cities this past year ,its kind of hard to imagine that there’s alot  more going on then just robberies and gang violence. There’s something cool about the  windy city and it ain’t just the Bean . Over the last few years Chicago has managed to produce top dogs such as Chance the Rapper, Thelonious Martin ,Vic Mensa and doesnt appear to  show any sign of slowing down either. What I enjoy about some of the new talent, is not only that they seem to get younger, but they are dreaming BIG and really tryna distant themselves from everyone else.

“something cool” was just a small mouthful and with that being said $ky’s mixtape Time(less) is set to change the game. Without any guest features or cosigns, I am positive that this will be a abstract piece of work that true Hip-hop heads will appreciate.Chicago you have way more to be excited about then just Derrick Rose’s return

Listed producers on the tape are MDSGN &Knxledge. The more I listen ,the more I write. The less he screams for attention, the more his words shine through.