LA’s Dorian Wood is something else

dorianwoodBorn in Echo Park, California, Dorian Wood began his music education at a very early age, it shows in his music clearly. Heavily melodic and chord changes that effectively control your mood, note by note. A huge voice, and an even bigger personality puts Dorian in the lead for such the sub-ass-genre of experimental-orchestral-pop.  Here’s one of my favorites by him, Glassellalia (feat. Angela Correa), an 8 minute one-way ride to Hellyeahsville. It’s available for free download/free hugs!

Dorian continued his studies at Conservatorio de Castella in Costa Rica, and afterwards headed back home to Los Angeles, where he first began gaining exposure performing at gay bars around town. Gay bars in LA, you ask? Nevermind. Anyways, Dorian finally released his debut album, BOLKA, and the critics loved it for its’ melting pot of genres; experimental, folk, chamber and soul. Afterwords, Woods released a sort-of sequel to BOLKA, entitled Black Pig Suite, which featured members of the Los Angeles experimental orchestra Killsonic. There’s definitely influences of John Cale in Dorians music, but arguable more calm, settled insanity, as opposed to Cale’s infamously stormy craziness. Either way, Dorian Wood is one of the true artists out right now, and we can’t wait for his next album to be released.