If you like Massive Attack and Prince, meet Ben Khan.

London born singer-songwriter Ben Khan, who’s already accumulating comparisons to Prince, Massive Attack, as well as the fellow singer Jai Paul is introducing this new kind of damp and clammy soul, that can steam your bedroom windows if you let it. “Drive”  opens with oppressive utterance that leaves you woozing over & over . Some where in there I find Khan’s vocals buried in the sultry production filled with skeletal handclaps and  dominantsynths that gives you the same impression as Jcoles ” Power Trip”.Now please! don’t make the same  mistake I did when I first heard it, which was not downloading it, later you will find that he does not displease you with his follow up track that’s more of a trip than a song itself.

“Eden”  finds that same wobble as the first track but this time around he adds a little more while impelling his vocals and adding more tweaks, synths and horns. Khans minimalistic undertones paints this muse for deep , dark R&B lovers.  I love when artist such as him  push boundaries and with the help of Jaymes Young  R&B has a new name. I’m glad I do not have to be the one to assign this one to a particular genre because I can’t even tell you where to start.