Get Familiar with U.K. record label Tru Thoughts

The magic started in 1999. Two friends and co-owners of the nightclub “Phonic: hoop and Shake Yer Wig” decided to start their own record label, and base it off of eclecticism and originality. And that they did, and they called it Tru Thoughts.  They almost immediately signed, many several others, heavy-weight producer Simon Green, better known as Bonobo, and released  Bonobo’s Animal Magic (July 2000), Quantic’s The 5th Exotic (June 2001) and Jon Kennedy’s debut album We’re Just Waiting For You Now (July 2001). Continuing their tradition of quality, they subsequently signed many more artists, each offering something great to the Tru Thoughts family. The owners, Paul Jonas & Robert Luis, have been working non-stop to bring you the best sounds and even harder to never bore your ears. I’d say they succeeded. Tru Thoughts just released a compilation album of some of the new artists, and old. It’s available for free download, and trust me; it’s got some cool shit in there!