producer Sigh talks with HIC about the who, what, when, where and whys

Hear In Colors: Give us a little background of yourself. What’s your real name, how old are you, where are you from, when did you start producing?

Sigh: My name is Sejo, pronounced Sayo haha, I am 19 years old, I was born in a town called “Maglaj” which is located in Bosnia. My family decided to move to America when i was about 7 years old to escape war and poverty. I was raised in the dusty deserts of Phoenix, Az. i started producing about a year and half ago, and first, started playing guitar about 4 years ago.

HIC: What kind of equipment do you use? Hardware? Software? Is there a piece of equipment that you really want to get your hands on? 

Sigh: Oh I get this question a lot, My equipment for producing is pretty simple; it consists of, My laptop, Sp-404, my NI Maschine and Studio Headphones, since my monitors broke. In the future I would maybe like to get my hands on a Sp-404sx or Rolands RE-201.

HIC: Do you have a favorite time of the day to produce? 

Sigh: I dont particularly have a favorite time of day to produce, but I do love it when Arizona gets some rain, I’d say that’s probably my favorite weather to produce in, I would love to try a snowy day, but I’m stuck in the middle of the desert haha, sucks ass.

HIC: Dream Collaberation? 

Sigh: Hmmm…My dream collaboration would probably consist of 2-chainz, Tyga, definitely Drake, and probably Cheif Keef. Haha but nah, at this point I don’t really know who would be my dream collaboration.

HIC: What do you do when your not making amazing beats? 

Sigh: When I’m not making music, I’m either working at my shitty job, Filming, or kicking it with the homies.

HIC:  Any full albums on the way? 

Sigh: Yes I’m working on my first full-length Tape right now, entitled “Crumbs”. I haven’t had the chance to finish it yet because I work all the time, and also I just really want to take my time with it, and not just put some slop together and call it a day. But it should be done by November to December, be on the look out for that:) and I’m also doing a full winter mixtape with Rainstormer Collective, so be on the looks for that too.

HIC: Any songs you are particularly proud of? 

Sigh: I dont really know honestly, I’m always skeptical as fuck about my work, but I think thats what inspires me about it, I can make something that people will think is odd and out of place, but to me its something that I can picture a whole story for its like a movie in my mind and I’m playing one of the characters. Also my friends and the people on soundcloud really motivate me to keep going with the nice comments and all the love I get on my tracks it really just makes me think, okay, I guess I might be doing something right if these people are jamming to my music. And don’t get me wrong I solely make my music for myself, I don’t try to go out of my way to make a sound for someone just because they like it, I make my music because I like it, I feel it and I can jam with it.

HIC: What music do you like to listen to? 

Sigh:  Oh man, what don’t I listen to, I can listen to just about anything except for country, I cant really get into country haha. But yeah I listen to anything from hardcore to hip-hop or experimental, folk, jazz. Any interesting sound that my ear catches, I’ll listen too. Even some trap here and there, That shit gets me hyphy haha.

HIC: Are you planning on moving anywhere? For college, or for music? 

Sigh: As of right now, not really no, but I would love to move somewhere in Europe, like Holland, netherlands, or the UK. Or maybe even somewhere like Australia or Canada.

HIC: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you this year?

Sigh: Hmmm…..The funniest thing thats happened, it was actually just a few days ago. On the way to the strip club with some friends, so we go to pump gas first, and after we are done pumping gas getting drinks and whatnot, as we are about to roll out, my friend steps on the gas in his brand new ford expedition; nice ass SUV that his parents just bought him, so as he steps on the gas to roll out the pump rips out of the gas station tank, and whiplashes his back window and shatters it completely, I guess he forgot to pull the pump out of his car like a dumb ass, so we are just kind of sitting there than he takes the pump out and the worker comes out and were still there just chillin in his car, and the worker just nods his head picking the pump off the ground with gasoline everywhere, than we just dipped.

HIC: How do you go about making the music that you make?!

Sigh: Honestly I don’t know, I just kind of make it. I didn’t really go out of my way to find a certain style of music, I make everything, not just the music you hear from SIGH, my best advice would be to just experiment with sound, use what you can and what you got, you don’t have to be limited to one certain type of sound, don’t be so set on making one particular genre, just experiment, until you find whats right for you.

Sigh: Also I would just like to thank Hear In Colors for taking the time to learn about my boring life, and letting anyone else thats into my music know about me. and also I just want to thank everyone who’s supported me on soundcloud with the rad feedback I love all the nice comments and whatnot keep them coming! -SIGH