Hawk House and their tidal tendencies

Continuing where we left off with Lulu James, heres another U.K. group who know what SOUL  is all about. What i like about them the most is that they share the same love we do for the record label “HW&W” recordings by using instrumentals from dope producers such as Taku & Evil Needle these three bring the noise in each and everyway possible. The group consists  of lyricist Sam and Eman and the beautiful songstress Demae, and they make up Hawk House. and ” a little more elbow room” is their newest tape which was released this past summer. This tape is filled with positive messages and alot of FOOD FOR THOUGHT One of my favorite lines from the track titled “Round we go” is “we bring issues to the table like refreshments”.. which if you haven’t noticed just yet the government is shut down, so why not have a little encouragement from some amazing talent. The Last group to bring the heat like this was the Fugees.  If you have any time on your plate  to roll a nice joint(which you always should)  play this tape and youll notice that “a little more elbow room” takes you on this magic journey that leaves you relaxed and mind blown.