Seattle’s own The Head and The Heart just released new song, “Another Story”

Following in the wake of the Avett Brothers, many wannabe folksters have been systematically fucking up the once-proud generation of folk artists. Few have made it through to make anything worth listening to, and Seattle based band The Head and The Heart are definitely one of them, alongside such groups as Iron & Wine and The Crooked Fingers. So far, these guys have been making some honest-to-god fold music, not that watered down bullshit with a banjo to make them feel folky.

Above is one of their new songs, and below is another. Both are extremely well written and recorded. Every Since Mumford and Sons, I’ve been weary of these up and coming Folk/Pop/Rock groups. Mumford & Sons did exactly what drives me crazy with bands, which is start strong, find one thing that works for them and then repeat that 5 million times and expect you to still give a shit. I’m hoping that The Head and The Heart continue to strive to better themselves, grow and make the best music possible, and so far that’s exactly what they’ve done.