LA producer Spazzkid drops unreleased song for free download

LA’s producer SPAZZKID is one of the most versatile in the game. He samples, he composes, he plays, and all of his songs are absolute earcandy with the mixes. It’s indie electro pop, as we’ve rather come to expect from Los Angeles– but with a twist. It also bumps, HARD. Most of the west coast indie electro pop i’ve heard grooves great, and is catchy as fuck, but it doesn’t bump. Spazzkid somehow tamed all three elements into something that transcends genres.

SPAZZKID aka Mark Redito’s forte seems to be melting sub-genres into one what I like to call, sub-ass-genre. Indie, Hi-fi, jazzy synth-pop, electro fusion, chiptune boombap. Try finding a label like that at CD game exchange. We’ve come to expect nothing but the absolute best from SPAZZKID , and we haven’t been let down yet.

Keats//Collective just put out a compilation which is insanely good, featuring an unreleased song from SPAZZKID which actually might be one of my favorites by him. I can’t decide yet, I’ll have to listen to it a couple hundred more times. Check it out right here! Oh and you can download not just this song, but the entire compilation right here for free. FREE HUGS