Fall in love with Sivu’s beautiful songs

Sivu is absolutely one of my favorite songwriters right now. Everything I’ve heard from him has been absolutely gold. He writes with a very archetypal sense of despair mixed with a distant hopefulness that pokes through his songs the perfect amount. At only 24 years old, Sivu has been playing music professionally ever since he quit his job working as an administrator in a bailiff company a few years ago. Sivu, aka James Page, lives in London and is a part of the huge London Indie movement that’s been happening for 60 years now.

Above is Sivu’s brand new song, I Lost Myself, which is supposedly about his previous job at the bailiff company, and feeling “bogged down by life”. Sonically speaking, it’s definitely the best I’ve heard from Sivu yet, and that stands to reason as it was produced by Alt-J’s sound man, Charlie Andrew. You can definitely hear spots of Andrew’s contributions, with the spaciousness of the track and the power behind the chorus.

Over and Over is easily my favorite by Sivu, and thank God it’s available for free download. When Sivu is singing in the lower register it’s got enough force to blow you out of your chair, and when he rises to the higher, falsetto register it’s no short of haunting. This is a true singer songwriter, and I have no doubt that he will make it to the top.