Everyone needs to know NYC producer, Handbook

Handbook was born in Scunthorpe, and raised in New York City since he was a child. He’s currently got over 15 Ep’s/Lps’s out, and another one was just released, titled Rare Ivories, and god damn it’s good; dusty boom-bap, but much brighter than most of that sub-genre. He melds samples perfectly, as if he’s cutting warm butter and his drums always match perfectly. That’s hard to do, ask any producer. All of his songs have such an organic sound to it, and that’s something that is often pushed aside to make room for “bangers”.

As if that’s not enough, he’s dropping a full album entitled Appendices. This will be the first Handbook album to feature some guest emcees, including Supreme Sol & Faithful Servant, and will be released exactly two weeks from now; October 14th. Stay Excited, but for now, check out some of Handbook’s previous work. Almost all of it is available for free download 🙂