Noise Music and Mechatronics Major “Mhz” blurs the lines betweens noise and beats

Mhz is one of the several extremely experimental and equally talented artists on the Los Angeles label Proximal Records. Born in Iran, Mhz, aka Mo H. Zareei, moved to California in 2010 to study music electronics, and began building and using his own custom-made circuits and instruments and started to playfully blur the line between noise and beats. After a few years of experimentation, I’d say he’s still pushing the line farther and farther. One of the sounds he likes to use a lot of, sounds like white noise to me. I’m not sure if my readers are familiar with white noise so let me explain; white noise is actually equal amount of signal from every single frequency that we can hear, which is 20 hz- 20 khz. It’s a very full sounding noise, probably best known (musically speaking) from Flux Pavillion’s huge non-wobbling stabs.

Zareei is currently in New Zealand working on his Phd in noise music and mechatronics. He still DJ’s a little, although not as much when he was in LA. He just released a new EP “Hg” and it’s fully of those quirky home made noise makers, and wires gone delightfully wrong. Check it out right here!