Botany does it again

One of our favorite labels, Western Vinyl,  hosts yet another great song that you have to check out. It’s by a texas producer named Botany, who’s music is truly musical, not just a sample chopped up into 16 pads, with a loop on top. I hate to refer to his music as “beats” because that undersells the shit out them, but they certainly have the boom-bap feel of the 24th century. And if your one of those white people that freestyles alone in your car while driving your scion to the car wash, this shit is perfect for you. Or if your one of those people that enjoys intellectual, richly textured, relievingly thoughtful instrumental synth-hop, then this is your man. His new song is called Simple Creatures, and sweet peter, it’s up for free download. We are all just getting spoiled with so much free music, it’s hard to know what to take advantage of and what you have to let slip outside of your radar. Or you can just trust us to do that for you. Enjoy