September 29

You need to check out SOHN, if you haven’t already

There Has been so much happening in the hip-hop culture, i.e Kanye west’s interview with Zane Lowe and recent releases from artist such as Drake and Pusha T, that we must be reminded that there is so much more happening outside hip-hop. Ladies and Gentleman I’m introducing you “Sohn” pronounced( Son) a London,by way of Venna, born multi-instrumentalist & producer .Sohn has been compared to artists such as James Blake & Bon Iver and he doesn’t stop there . Sohn ‘s newest track “Lessons” is just pure magic .It opens with a beautiful haunting melody and even better lyrics. Sohn mixes minimal R&B with dark and eerie production. I’d like to call it “ Slowtronica” or just “brilliant-wave” or  someone who’s just troubled and cant help but to warn us of the revolution. Get hip here right here!