Dirty Projectors’ Nat Baldwin releases new song entitled Lake Erie!

Nat Baldwin studied avant-garde jazz under the jazz heavyweight Anthony Braxton, and it definitely shows in the eclecticism of his music. He began writing songs solely for his two main instruments; the double bass and vocals. He joined the Dirty Projectors in 2005 and has been with them since. He’s now signed to the well-respected Texas-based record label Western Vinyl. Nat has also performed on classics such as Vampire Weekends’ “Contra”, and Grizzly Bears’ “Shields”. He recorded his own solo album entitled People Changes in 2011, and hopefully this new song is a sign that there will be another solo album coming out soon. This guy really has it all, he has the quirkiness to set him aside, and the catchiness to reel him back in. Give his new song Lake Erie a listen and a download right here!