Lo-Fi Rocker Mary Epworth’s new song september is a hit

Mary Epworth has been kicking ass since 2008, combing Lo-Fi beach pop, psychedelic grunge-gospel, and silky melodies with crunchy guitars seamlessly. She released her debut album Dream Life in 2012, and it has earned her a solid spot on many critics “to keep an eye on” list, and rightfully so. The British indie rock scene, specifically London, has been absolutely on point for so many decades, and now almost more than ever. It’s a great time for music, and musicians, with the birth of the home studio, ANYONE can make the music that’s been sitting inside them for so long, and share it with the world. So please turn off your radio, and enjoy someone else’s mind for a bit.  Here is Mary Epworth’s new song, entitled September, you don’t wanna miss out on her.