Cairo Party Tracks

Sadat&Fifty have come forward with a bit more of an internet presence this year. Last year after I heard one of their tracks on a promo mix, it was tough to find anything more on them than a soundcloud with about 4 songs. It’s expanded a bit, and now we’ve got some youtube videos and an album for sale. But what’s most interesting to me is that this music is coming from inner-Cairo, from a fairly young group of people, during a time where most young people are heavily concerned with political matters. Political matters which I cant completely understand as an American. How that landscape influences sound, especially the sound of people living it, is extremely interesting to me.

Sadat&Fifty’s soundcloud states that they record and play ‘“Mahraganat” or “Festival” songs’, which from a non-arabic speaker like myself’s viewpoint, is definitely a good description for the attitude and energy that’ll you’ll find in Sadat&Fifty’s music. What they are actually singing about is beyond me, but judging from the video these guys have no reservations about having a good time, so I’m okay with it, plus dude has some nice sneaks and still wears Fubu.