Hartley and Wolfe cover the Lou Reed’s infamous “Walk on the Wild Side”

An analogue synth and vocal cover of Lou Reed?!! Yes, please. Hartley & Wolfe are an almost neo-soul, but way too exciting and fresh. There is definitely a tip of the hat to the classics (that being especially exemplified in a Lou Reed cover), but there’s something very groundbreaking going on here. WIth big booming voices and harmonies, and old school synths working to keep the music rolling, and the drums are just some of the most accessible drums I’ve ever heard. “I’ve heard Hartley and Wolfe and it’s cool but just not for me”, said nobody, ever. That being said, there’s unfortunately a very few number of people that can say they HAVE heard of Hartley and Wolfe, so let’s go ahead and change that. And just for shits and giggles and because it’s a goddamn classic, I’m posting the Lou Reed original as well.