Arts the Beatdoctors’ “Lazy Thunder EP” is finally out!!

I come to you with a smile this morning. Not because I got woken up way too early. Not because I have so much fucking homework to do I don’t even know where to start (I guess by blogging instead). I come to you with a smile because Lazy Thunder EP is finally out! Netherlands producer Arts started off doing these awesome jazzy hip hop instrumentals and steadily grew into the alternative, electronic, melodic, genre-defying monster he is today. Lazy Thunder is the first of his work where he really gets to sink his teeth into the creative side of things and try things that are completely new, and do things that make no sense and make them work. Every producers dream. Here’s 4 reasons why you should go stream Lazy Thunder right now, then buy it.

1) This album is composed, not programmed. Well, composed and THEN meticulously programmed.

2) He makes his own samples, with a field recorder. Not via spotify.

3) It’s electronic music like you’ve never heard before– astoundingly musical, as well as toying with sounds that we’ve come accustomed to, and love.

4) Because we’re Hear in Colors– Have we let you down yet?!?!      🙂