Lucki Eck$ is carving his own sound

Chance the rapper, kids these days, brandun deshay,Alex wiley,Martin sky, thelonious martin… what do all of these artist have in common? CHICAGO and heres another young cat to do it from the windy city.

Lucki Eck$ is carefully carving his own sound apart from Chance The Rapper. He sounds kinda like Chance but you know with so much noise and sounds coming out of the Chi its hard to pinpoint the differences but if you listen closely youll notice there is just something missing from this emcee and as you listen more to his tape you start to hear a emcee who is driving in his own lane and with growth and expereince only time will tell if this emcee has what it takes to continue to lift chicago from the violence and runaway with Chance and push the “alternative” buttons.

So I guess hip hop is in its right state right now and if you dont think so just turn off your radio for once and do a little soul searching and sample diggin because “hip hop aint dead”; its just reincarnated.

Check out Lucki Eck$ right here