Everyone needs a little Kynes in their life.

Kynes is a 17 year old California kid, who “makes music in his spare time”. His spare time is more productive than me on 30 mg of aderol. This shit is just cool!! It’s not too busy (which is easy for the producer who’s a little wet behind the ears) and it’s not too minimalistic (which easy for anyone with a nice soundbank). His album Hugstomp is, as he describes it, an informal collection of friendly hip hop pieces, and you can link to that right here. He released two songs yesterday, both of the name Ginseng. One is just a masterful piece that continues moving throughout, to a huge finale at the end. The other is a chiptune version which is feels like an 8-bit chicken noodle soup for the producers soul. Shit, man, that’d actually be a cool mixtape name……Unfortunately Kynes told me he’s taking down the second one. Sadface. Many more to come from this guy though, so give his page a like so you don’t miss out on the rest!

ANYWAYS, here’s the first of aforementioned songs!! And, yes, they are our favorite; FREE DOWNLOAD, BABY!!