Arts The Beatdoctors new EP drops September 14!

arts the beat doctorArts The Beatdoctor‘s EP “Lazy Thunder” will be out in 3 days?!?! That’s some news that just rocked me right out of my hangover, and now I’m dancing in my living room. This dude is someone to immediately get familiar with, if you are not already. Arts uses a mixture of electronic sounds/production and field recording that he goes out and captures and brings back to sample. He was discovered in 2005 when rapper Pete Philly literally found his demo just lying on the studio floor. He was subsequently signed to Unexpected Records, and quickly released Fragments EP and then a full length album, “Transitions”. When Arts was starting out and all the way to the very recent past, he has made mostly jazz-influenced hip hop beats, but eventually any true artists gets a little bored doing the same thing for too long, and yearns for a new way to release creative energy all over my soundcloud stream. His new EP, Lazy Thunder, sounds different than his previous work, and in my opinion, a little better. He really gets to strut his creative stuff, and go wild; at least from the singles I’ve heard so far. He just released the single “Little Brother” ft. Ella, so check it out and get pumped for Lazy Thunder!!!