Last night I got out to Webster Hall to see Blitz the Ambassador. I must admit though, I was there to see another act. One of those things where I was ready to leave because it wasn’t too late, but convinced myself to stick around and watch. Especially since I saw a small brass section getting set up and congas being loaded onto the stage.

Blitz is a phenomenal performer with legit musical talent, which was obvious even though he didn’t play any instruments; as he conducted his band made up of some of New York’s best young musicians. Igmar Thomas on trumpet for example.

While Blitz’s music is great on it’s own. The stage show surrounding him, and his own presence, hardly translates to his studio work. Of course I mean this as a compliment. But his interaction with the crowd and the musical rowdyness of it all is something you’ll never get here on the internet, so if you see Blitz The Ambassador around, go do yourself a favor