Brother Dege definies Psyouthern Rock

Brother Dege is the brainchild of Dege Legg, a southern guy to the max. Avoiding traditional career paths at every turn, Dege Legg splits the vast majority of his time between making music and being an all around outdoorsman. He has an album out called “Folk Songs of the American Longhair”, and let me tell you right now, I fucking hate most southern rock (sorry Lynyrd), but that album is amazing. Dege writes very much in the same vein of the Delta Masters, with melodies to ask you the simple, unanswerable questions of life, and the guitar work to remind you of the answers.

“Since the late 90s, Dege has pushed slide, resonators, and the deep south, kicking and screaming into the 21st century, melding elements of folk, Delta blues, punk, rock, metal, hippie ragas, and outlaw county into one blasted, raw whole.”

Yeah, they’re not kidding, it’s clearly based off of deep south  music, but there are so many other elements subtly kicked into the mix that the product is a very accessible, passionate project.

His new song is called “The Black Sea”, and it meets every expectation that a review like this would incur, PLUS it’s available for free download. Our favorite, right? Here ya go!