Kendra Morris, you bad. In a very, very good way.

New York City’s Kendra Morris has been surrounded by music her whole life. Both of her parents were musicians, and even played in several bands together. When she was eight, she figured out a way to turn her karaoke machine into basically a little tykes My First Studio.  “I would go into my closet, take these cassette tapes, and I’d start singing, record it, and switch it to the other side and sing over that,” she recalls. She moved to NYC from St. Pete in 2003 with her all-female band Pinktricity. In 2010 she met producer Jeremy Page and released her first solo EP, called simply “Kendra Morris”.  Kendra has also gone on tour with Motown Funk Brother Dennis Coffey. She is now involved with Wax Poetics Records and just released a new song, “Winding”, available for free download.