peter matthew March 03

Peter Matthew Bauer, of the Walkmen, released first single

Peter Matthew Bauer, of The Walkmen, has announced a new solo album, entitled Liberation! which will be released on June 24 (US) via Mexican Summer and June 23 via Memphis Industries. Bauer has released the first single off of Liberation!  With rockin guitars, strong melodies, and lo-fi drums tucked away, the single called Latin American Ficciones […]

admirables March 02

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Admirables swing

Akron/Cleveland band The Admirables has that old time soul. With a 6 piece all-star band, this group is one of the most genuine and talnted groups around. Completely instrumental, and boasting great compositional work from saxophonist Nathan Davis, the group all seems to gel wonderfully for a relatively new band. After gigging all around the […]

books and songs February 26

Songs Based Off Of Literature

1) Hedda Gabler by John Cale Based off of Hedda Gabler (a play by Henrik Ibsen) John Cale is my personal hero. Let’s just put that out there. Original member of the Velvet Underground, producer of Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, and countless others, he also has had an extremely successful (quality-wise) solo musical career. He’s a […]

forest swords2 February 26

Forest Swords

Forest Swords, AKA Matthew Barnes, is a producer/composer from Liverpool. I specifically mention composition intentionally. With seeds heavily rooted in the dirt of ambient dub, the incredible ferocity with which this music hits you will knock you on your ass. Tension forever rising, comfortably and calmly, there’s  no huge drop anything like that, just doing […]

9000lives February 19


9000Lives is a quirky amalgam of glitch, ambient, and 8-bit. It’s perfect for me, because any of those three genres rather bore me when left to it’s own devices (with a few exceptions for each). But when all three are blended so meticulously and seamlessly it makes for a very exciting new sub-sub-sub genre, which you […]

Untitled-1 February 06

5 musical TED talks your brain will enjoy

Everyone loves a good TED talk. Their archive is HUGE, so we went ahead and picked 5 of the best for you. 1. Stefon Harris: There are no mistakes on the bandstand  Sefon Harris is a marimba player who give a unique look at what exactly goes through a jazz musicians head during a show. How […]

robert j hunter January 29

Robert J. Hunter sounds like he’s from the deep south. But he’s from London.

London Singer/Songwriter Robert J. Hunter is following in the footsteps of Johnny Cash, Shakey Graves, and delta legend Robert Johnson. Toting his acoustic guitar alongside him wherever he goes, Robert J. Hunter has a surprisingly pleasing and equally harsh voice, preaching the blues to whoever will listen. Recording-wise, Hunter seems to be just peeking his head […]


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