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Physical Therapy Laser Guitars

Physical-Therapy Laser Guitars and Weird Coindicendes via Nancy Johnson, Medina County Gazzette A writer friend of mine put together the above story for the Medina County Gazzette about a physical therapist who also played a 7 string guitar; A 7 Sting guitar that was too expensive and didnt say in tune. A couple phone-call […]

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Soulection is an incredibly diverse label, but there’s a thread of something that connects all the music here. Maybe it’s melody, maybe it’s something more intangible – “vibes” I guess..Whatever it is, it’s the reason why people from the HIC fam are always sanding it to me, and it’s the reason I go back to […]

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Nehzuil Remixes

R&B saw a bit if resurgance last year, especially in the remix realm. Scores of producers jacking vocals from a mid-ninties Maxwell or Aliyah track, chop it up to half-word vocal science. Add some sub and space synths. Weird drums. #CreepySexyR&Bremix2014 #Swag Enter Nehzuil, he remixes R&B too. But he’s not part of that first […]

bitches love beats May 31


We didn’t quite know what to expect from the world as went into our first Beat Battle here at HearInColors. We certainly didn’t expect the kind of quality submissions that we did get. Much like the site itself, we just decided to flip the switch and just see what happened. So because we’re all about […]

wu-box May 22

4 Ways to Sell music in 2014

  I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I really know the ins and outs of the music business, let alone the best way to sell albums. But a recent trend(s) in the way certain artists are going about selling their music is definitely worth mentioning; because it highlights the almost halarious confusion […]

pacific patterns May 19

Pacific Patterns

The music of Portland, Oregon’s Chris Petersen sounds like it was made by a man with too many limbs—in the best way possible. It’s as if he gives his listener clarity and relief by channeling the found and ambient noises of one’s everyday life with an intuitive balance of atmospheric chords and an erratic, polyrhythmic […]

peter matthew March 03

Peter Matthew Bauer, of the Walkmen, released first single

Peter Matthew Bauer, of The Walkmen, has announced a new solo album, entitled Liberation! which will be released on June 24 (US) via Mexican Summer and June 23 via Memphis Industries. Bauer has released the first single off of Liberation!  With rockin guitars, strong melodies, and lo-fi drums tucked away, the single called Latin American Ficciones […]


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