boatsgif August 29

Blake Paterson sets sail with new project “Boats”

Songwriter Blake Paterson sets sail under the Melbourne sun with new project titled “Boats”. Just two days after the release of the first single “Spiders soul” the record managed to bring in an impressive number of spins via soundcloud. The EP itself is set to debut sometime in the second half of 2014 with production […]

wes's article August 22

Regal Rhythm and Rhyme- Melanin 9

I came across Melanin 9 when I was browsing for new tracks from one of my favorite “underground” MCs Roc Marciano. The two collaborated on a track called “White Russian” and from there I was hooked. Melanin 9 is from London, and you can definitely tell he grew up inspired by authentic hip hop from […]

chopps August 18

Choppa Dunks in Cleveland

This Wednesday at the BSide in Cleveland, Hear in Colors is helping to bring in NYC heavy-bass-hitter Choppa Dunks. Joining him will be Killa Kalam and DJ Corey Grand, two Cleveland natives who, unless you’ve been under a rock, you should feel luck that you have an opportunity to see on the same night. Choppy Dunks excels in […]

serm August 15

Sumeau is nice

“Next Day” feels like a 90’s alternative groups’ homage to a 1960’s psychadelic pop group. It’s awesome.   Special shouts to the beautifully fun and simple video concept. Semeau is from LA and they’ll in Boston, NYC, Athens OH, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Reno and San Francisco in September. So you should probably go do THAT. […]

janoobi August 12

Find The Unlikely Charm in Pakistani Psychedelic Music

The only information offered about this band on any of their webpages is as follows; “Janoobi Khargosh is a Pakistani psychedelic indie band formed by Waleed Ahmed.”  After further research, I learned that Waleed Ahmed was previously part of a Death/Doom band, which is quite unlike the music he is making currently. Let’s agree to […]

ruff draft August 02

Ruff Draft remixes Flying Lotus’ Puppet Talk

Oakland, CA native Ruff Draft is a producer with a musical vision.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. There is a clear distinction between the artists that have a big picture, and artists focused on the now. Ruff Draft is undoubtedly one of the former. The loveably offbeat drums are certainly reminiscent of Flylo […]

double bed July 30

Amazing new single called Double Bed by Seiho

Seiho is a japanese producer with an ever expanding sound library and a well of creativity that never seems to run dry. Double Bed is the name of his new single, which masterfully contrasts the art of sampling against the technicality of electronic production. Seiho is signed to Day Tripper Records which boasts an all star line up […]


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