Baby Baby - Keep On Dancing0 September 11


On Sept 13th Hear in Colors is proud to bring the powerfully fun, screamingly delightful funrock of Atlanta-based band Baby Baby to the Maple Grove Tavern in Cleveland. To put it simply, Baby Baby is fucking wild. It wouldn’t be hard to break down and discuss the different elements and influences you’ll hear while listening […]

Deffrey September 03

“My thoughts come with an accent for just how foreign I think”

Deffery is one of those artsy types. You know those guys that can fucking do everything, and it just seems so natural to them? I don’t know the guy personally, but I’m willing to bet a thousand dollars you’ll fall in love with these tee’s for sale on his website when you check em out. […]

fideos con tuco September 02

Argentinian lo-fi band Fideos con Tuco wrestles with fuzz

This group seems to enjoy their anonymity, as they are completely hidden in the depths of the Internet. I like that. In case you can’t tell simply by listening to their music, this is not a band who’s concerned with the fast track to success. Quality over quantity, and art above all. Hailing from Mendoza, […]

white arrows September 01

White Arrows released a new video and “Nobody Cares”. Just kidding!

One of my absolute favorite bands White Arrows have answered my letters to Santa and are releasing some new music!! They’ve just released a new visual to go with a song off of the new record, In Bardo, out September 16, 2014. This band screams LA with the breezy devil-may-care oceanside reverb, spacey guitars. I’ve seen […]

barney artist August 31

East Londoner Barney Artist accompanies Jazz Producer Tom Misch

Barney Artist is a 22 year old artist from London, which as you probably know by now is my favorite place in the world for music. London always seems to be ahead of the curve, but not so much so that it’s inaccessible. Barney Artist is no exemption. We’ve been keeping an eye on him […]

hiroto kudo August 30

Japanese Producer Hiroto Kudo needs to quit his dayjob

Roughly eight hours ago, Tokyo based producer ambiguously released a new song entitled Voyager into the cavernous abyss of the internet. For shits and giggles, we’ll call this a teasing cross between blip hop and minimal electronic porn. The precise and pinpointed use of a supercomputer from the 80’s melodically malfunctioning sounds futuristic to us westerners, […]

boatsgif August 29

Blake Paterson sets sail with new project “Boats”

Songwriter Blake Paterson sets sail under the Melbourne sun with new project titled “Boats”. Just two days after the release of the first single “Spiders soul” the record managed to bring in an impressive number of spins via soundcloud. The EP itself is set to debut sometime in the second half of 2014 with production […]


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