doko December 07

Dial-Up Princess

There’s something to be said for really owning a style. And it’s even more remarkable when the style you choose to own is something that, to quite honest, hasn’t really existed before. Sure, Doko’s music borrows from from a lot of places, but the the way it all comes together, though very similar across all […]

sealive December 03

Seafair Live

Last week I got out to see Cleveland’s own Seafair at the Grog Shop. I was visiting another establishment just before the show and was surprised when the bartender asked where I was heading off too. She said the name sounded familiar..”female singer? lots of members? I think there’s a cello player right?”. I confirmed that […]

Capture November 23

This is Joppe

Joppe is doing some quality lounge-y dance music. Once in awhile you’ll find him along side fellow producer Galimatias and it’s nothing but good vibes over there. Both producers are based out of Danmark and in the past year or so have been getting their music out to places like VibesHK, Hot ‘n Gold Magazine, […]

10808182_10100199490027718_1830134734_n November 18

The Most 90’s Night in Cleveland 10/19

  Hear In Colors Presents: The Most ’90s Night in Cleveland Nov 19th at Grog Shop Only $2 for 21+, and $5 if you’re under! Hosted by Wes Woods We’ve got Greg DJnuera Barrow, Reasor, and Noah Peele spinning all that ’90s hip hop Ashanti Allison, Angelo Vagas, and Ahptimus Prime (all from Poetic […]

Capture November 13

Hisoka Beats in London

If you’re in need of some dusty, looking-out-your-window-on-a-rainy-day instrumental hip-hop, you might find what you’re looking for in Origamik and his buddies over at Hisoka Records out of London. Hisoka Record seems to me more of a collective rather than an actual record label. Whatever you end up calling it it’s a good fit for […]

10676154_759344774137813_1457558916614106946_n November 08

11/10 School Of Rock Benefit

event + an amazing all-female line up: School of Rock is a Performance-based music school for Kids in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Our Goal for the night is to raise $2000 to help fund scholarships and new projects for the kids there.         Get out to Grog Shop in Cleveland for our ALL […]

10401619_672527826160796_8465044148039280643_n October 29

The Code

A good amount of roads are leading my ears to minimal production lately. Elliot put me on to Aoki Takamasa, and a few Japanese discogs orders later there was a previously-sleepy part of my brain that was craving, well…less. I was only dimly unaware of all this until I came across this release by The […]


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